Youth & Family Inhalant

See 2024 program dates below. Please submit applications to ensure priority placement on our wait list for upcoming intakes. Applications are accepted from BC and Yukon Territory only at this time.

Brief History

A proposal for the Youth & Family Inhalant Program was submitted in September 1994 and Nenqayni is one of 6 Solvent Abuse Centre’s by May 1995. The first Youth were admitted to the Centre in July 1996.

Initially, the Youth Program was housed in trailers that were joined together with a maximum of 10 youth per intake. In 1999, a commitment was made to set aside funds for a new Youth Building. In July 2002, the new building was completed and the first Youth arrived in July to much improved facilities.


The Youth Program has 4-6 intakes per year. Youth will reside onsite for the duration of their program.


These programs are based on the knowledge that you have within you every talent, attitude, quality, and characteristic needed to succeed in life and create an incredible future.

For more information on our programs, please watch as staff present Nenqayni’s Services at UBC Learning Circle

If you would like our team to present to yours, to a family or community group, or to connect in another way, please give us a call or email program coordinator, Taylor:

Workshops and therapeutic focus:    

Therapeutic focus of each program is intended to address concepts of healing and wellness.  Each week will strengthen relationships and emotional intelligence, encouraging youth to build meaningful connections and take responsibility of their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Heavier workshops will be offered mid-week, to allow processing time.  These workshops may include:  intergenerational trauma, grief and loss, and dating, and/or family violence.  All workshops are designed to meet the youth where they’re at, and are closed off at the end of the week with a Sweat Ceremony, allowing youth to let go of negative emotions through ceremony.  The youth counsellor meets for one-on-one sessions throughout the week and is available for further debriefing.  Our alcohol and substance misuse education follows the Wellbriety Program, a 12 Step Program adapted for indigenous populations.


Nenqayni offers consistent cultural activities that include a weekly sweat, daily smudging and prayer to begin the day, drumming and drum making, traditional dancing and other activities here or in neighboring communities.  We strive to honor the diversity as well as the connections within Three Nations traditions. Cultural leaders, staff and elders will continue to connect youth to learn and share traditional teachings; we encourage participants to share knowledge of their culture and to continue to explore this rich element that brings us in connection with who we are.

Equine Assisted Learning:

Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential method of developing social and emotional intelligence and fostering life and leadership skills.  Our EAL program has been running since January of 2018 with great and consistent success.  The youth get a chance to work within a large group and in smaller sessions with our facilitators and horses.  Our EAL program is a blend of recreation and targeted learning objectives that complement the therapeutic process of the program as a whole.  The most common and prominent outcomes of EAL are:  increased confidence and self-efficacy; improved self-awareness and emotional regulation; improved leadership and teamwork skills; improved communication and listening skills.

Multi Medium Art & Life Skills:

Art and creative expression plays an important role in all of Nenqayni’s programming.  Art across all mediums allows youth to process emotion, self-regulate, develop skills and self-compassion, and provides healthy engagement and connection to culture.


Nenqayni strives to incorporate land-based learning into programming, encouraging youth to connect deeply with nature and tradition. Whenever possible, elders and traditional knowledge keepers will accompany the youth on these outings to encourage learning and to share their stories and experiences.


Daily recreation encourages Youth to expand their physical health through sport and play.  Onsite we have a large gym and weight-room facility, as well as outdoor soccer and volleyball fields.  We offer weekly yoga sessions and other group fitness classes.


Youth will attend school on-site in the classroom in the Youth Building (except for the summer programs).  The local School District provides a Teacher with a Teacher’s Assistant.  The more individualized school plan for each youth provides an opportunity for youth to progress with more one-on-one support.

Applications are now being received for 2024 intake dates

January 8 – March 28
81 days (11 weeks)
 Female age 13-18 

April 4 – June 14

72 days (10.5 weeks)

Female age 13-18

June 23 – July 19

27 days (4 weeks)

Female age 13-18

 July 21 – August 21

32 days (4.5 weeks)


Female age 13-18


August 26 – December 19

116 days (17 weeks)

Female age 13-18

Note: Applications are requested at least 25 days prior to the intake date in order to ensure completion of all required paperwork. Please submit a partial application by the requested date so we can work with you and the community member to complete the process. The application process includes the application form, a full medical, Tuberculosis screen, immunization records and a phone interview with each applicant. Applications are only being accepted from BC & Yukon at this time. 





Information about Detoxification

Providing Information

For more information on our programs, or to submit an application, please connect with Sylvia, the YFIP Intake Coordinator:


Intake Coordinators travel to workshops and special events to share information on Nenqayni Wellness Centre.

If you have an event planned that you would like us to attend please let us know. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Please allow at least 3 weeks notice for booking arrangements.

Please see our Contact Profiles page to book with an Intake Coordinator.

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