Drug & Alcohol Information

Nenqayni recognizes that information in this area is being continually updated. Nenqayni would like to direct you to several sites that provide updated information. However please note that information obtained through websites should be discussed with a Referral Worker such as a Drug & Alcohol Counselor.

All referrals to Nenqayni Wellness Centre’s Programs must be done through a worker; note there are NO Self Referrals.

Anyone may contact us at any time for information.

Telephone: (250) 989-0301 Toll Free: 1-888-668-4245
Fax: (250) 989-0307
Email: see staff contacts for appropriate emails

Additional Resources


Addiction Information: news releases, recovery info, ecstasy, heroin, meth, crack cocaine, marijuana, LSD and more

Opioid- and Stimulant-related Harms — Canada.ca

Addictions Treatment for First Nations and Inuit across Canada listings.


Youth Solvent Abuse Treatment Centres across Canada

Substance use treatment centres for First Nations and Inuit (sac-isc.gc.ca)

Adult First Nations Addiction Treatment Programs in British Columbia

Programming For Adults (crisiscentre.bc.ca)

Crisis Centre for First Nations in BC. Various toll free numbers and related information for Patient Navigators, Nurses, Youth, Transgender etc.

KUU-US Crisis Services: Adult, Elder, Child, Youth – reasons to call Employment/Education, Residential School, Child Welfare, Addiction, Health Concerns, Divorce/Seperation, Suicide Ideation/Survivorship, Mental Health, Grief/Loss, Crime, Abuse, Peer Pressure, Financial Distress, Bullying, Self Harm and many more… Toll Free in BC 1 (800) 588-8717. 24 hour phone support. Also find Facebook page KUU-US Crisis Service. Website:


Providing Information

Intake Coordinators travel to workshops and special events to share information on Nenqayni Wellness Centre.

If you have an event planned that you would like us to attend please let us know. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Please allow at least 3 weeks notice for booking arrangements.

Please see our Contact Profiles page to book with an Intake Coordinator.

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