Continuing Care

Nenqayni recognizes that treatment is not completed when a client graduates from one of our programs and that treatment it is an ongoing process consisting of community supports / services as well as continued support from our Centre after our clients leave.

Nenqayni Wellness Centre undertook an extensive research project in the area of continuing care in 2007.  The research conclusions and resulting recommendations addressed the needs of community workers and volunteers, focused on continuing care as a community-based service, outreach for communities, training for workers, communication, continuing care planning, culture and spirituality. The willingness and enthusiasm of staff and community participants made clear the shared core values of the stakeholders and the communities that comprise the Centre.

Today Nenqayni Wellness Center and Interior Health Authority work together and meet regularly for Community Networking meetings which are intended for Referral workers, Drug and Alcohol Workers and anyone in a position to help organize training and support for community workers who deal with addictions or mental health clients upon their return home from treatment facilities.

With time, commitment and the collaborative efforts of staff Nenqayni has developed and implemented a system that nurtures the importance of building relationships with our clients while they are with us and is sustained over a period of time for continuing support. Our system provides a schedule to assist with regular contact with past clients from both the Family Alcohol and Drug Program and the Youth and Family Inhalant Program. Past clients may seek help / guidance by accessing our Continuing Care Services pre/post treatment by calling the toll free number 1-888-668-4245. Nenqayni recognizes  technological advancements of today’s world and the impact of social media. We have implemented a variety of contact options and continue to review options so that Nenqayni can provide the best services possible to persons who attend the program. Today we make available the toll free number (1-888-668-4245), mail, fax and Facebook (closed group for past clients only). For information on joining the Facebook group contact the Continuing Care Coordinator.

Working within the framework of accreditation which helps us to set high standards, Nenqayni Wellness Centre’s Continuing Care Program and ongoing community involvement assists in achieving better client health outcomes and providing benchmarks for other programs to follow.

Continuing Care Coordinator

The Continuing Care Coordinator assists clients in both the Family Program and Youth Program with preparing to leave treatment and reconnecting with their community.  Our Continuing Care Coordinator may be contacted during regular business hours and will follow-up on messages left after hours. All clients are encouraged to use our toll free number for support when needed. Regular contact is made during the first year that an individual or family completes their Treatment Program at Nenqayni.

Continuing Care Coordinator may be reached at (250) 989-0301 Ext. 208                                 or toll free at  1-(888) 668-4245. No email available at this time.

Providing Information

Intake Coordinators travel to workshops and special events to share information on Nenqayni Wellness Centre.

If you have an event planned that you would like us to attend please let us know. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Please allow at least 3 weeks notice for booking arrangements.

Please see our Contact Profiles page to book with an Intake Coordinator.

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