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Willie Alphonse Executive Director

Willie has been a counsellor at Nenqayni since September 2008. Prior to his couselling work he was a member of the Nenqayni Board of Directors since 1992 serving as Board Chair for over four years. As a member of the Northern Shuswap Nation, He held the position of chief of the Williams Lake Indian Band for ten years. Willie moved into his current position December 21st 2009.

(250) 989-0301 Ext. 230

Danielle Chaparro-Yonkin – Clinical Director

250-989-0301 Ext 222

Joan Evans AAC Intake Coordinator – Family Alcohol & Drug Program


(250) 989-0301 Ext. 206

Sharon Duffy CACII Human Resources Manager/Accreditation Lead

Sharon has worked at Nenqayni Wellness Centre since 1997.  Sharon’s background is Aboriginal Health and Administration and Mental Health.

Outside of work Sharon enjoys many outdoor activities. Comments: Sharon enjoys her job; especially meeting people from all over Canada. She says, “Live one day at a time, let others know they are loved & keep on learning!”

(250) 989-0301 Ext. 219

Marietta West – Family Alcohol & Drug Program Manager(250)-989-0301  Ext. 221

Sylvia Busch – Youth Program Intake Coordinator

250-989-0301 Ext 226 

Andrea Charleyboy Executive Assistant

(250) 989-0301  Ext. 200


Taylor Ormiston Youth & Family Inhalant Program Manager

250-989-0301 Ext. 226


Carol Doherty: Counselor – Family Alcohol & Drug Program 

250-989-0301 Ext. 218

Lois Hall: Nutrition Services Supervisor

250-989-0301 Ext. 201

Deb Olsen: Daycare Supervisor

250-989-0301 Ext. 214



Providing Information

Intake Coordinators travel to workshops and special events to share information on Nenqayni Wellness Centre.

If you have an event planned that you would like us to attend please let us know. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Please allow at least 3 weeks notice for booking arrangements.

Please see our Contact Profiles page to book with an Intake Coordinator.

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