Youth & Family Inhalant

Brief History

A proposal for the Youth & Family Inhalant Program was submitted in September 1994 and we were one of 6 solvent abuse centres by May 1995. The first youth were admitted to the Centre in July 1996.

Initially, the Youth Program was housed in trailers that were joined together with a maximum of 10 youth per intake. In 1999, a commitment was made to set aside funds for a new youth building. In July 2002, the new building was completed and the first youth arrived in July to much improved facilities.


The Youth Program has 3 intakes per year. They occur in January, March,  and September in 2019. Regular length program is 105 days. All programs include school, education sessions, group sessions (workshops), individual counseling, a focus on fitness, nutrition awareness, cultural activities such as daily smudging, sweats, and drumming and singing. Youth also enjoy hand crafts and art activities such as beading, painting, sewing etc. During the summer 2019 some shorter programs will be offered, contact referral worker for more information.

Equine or Horse Assisted Learning is part of the Youth Program.

2019 Intake Dates

  • January 7 – February 27 52 days
    March 9 – June 21 closed
    Watch for summer dates coming soon!
    September 9 – December 13 96 days

Note: Applications must be received 25 days prior to the intake date in order to ensure completion of all required paperwork. The application process includes the application form, a full medical, Tuberculosis screen, immunization records and a phone interview with each applicant.

Medications NOT permitted while in treatment: Suboxone, Psycho-Stimulants, Opioids (Codeine -Tylenol 3), Sedative Hypnotics – Benzodiazepines, Barbituates.


Sylvia Busch

Intake Coordinator - Youth & Family Inhalant Program

(250) 989-0301 Extension 223

Providing Information

Intake Coordinators travel to workshops and special events to share information on Nenqayni Wellness Centre.

If you have an event planned that you would like us to attend please let us know. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible. Please allow at least 3 weeks notice for booking arrangements.

Please see our Contact Profiles page to book with an Intake Coordinator.

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